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my name is kelly.
Certified dancing queen. young and sweet. only 17.
i like things that make me laugh.
no particular type of blog.



I want to
inside your
get lost
in its beautiful
of nuances.



Hello dawn I greet you once more

You bring the day which I abhor

Killing the sweet darkness of my paramore

Oh dawn my arms raised high I implore

Allow my nightly love restore

Let it perpetuate evermore 

Let the heavens extend so I can sore

Into the fathomless dreaming shore

Begone dawn darken my doors nevermore 


A girl who admires the stars

Is a very dangerous girl indeed,

For there will be a day, 

Where your eyes may not be enough for her,

Where she will look up at the night sky,

And never look back.

"Each time you
touch me, I
spark poetry."

he was nothing, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

"Don’t know if there’s something wrong with my complexion.
Can you try to show some sense of affection?"

J.P.B (via letyourartdesire)

A Two-Liner


I came here for tomorrow
but all I got was today.

Everyone is a Homo
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